So, I got a crazy idea to write a book on a subject that is often spoken about in ITSM but never fully understood. My goal was to write a book that would provide relevant, practical and genuine advice and guidance about service catalogs. Having previously written a whitepaper on service catalogs which was also published internationally, I had been through the writing process before. I thought that this time I just needed to write more content. An so it was, some days the words would flow like water down a water fall, other days the page would be as barren as a desert, with days passing before a single page was written. However, perseverance paid off and now it’s finally here. 

The Service Catalogue. A Practitioner Guide.

After 16 months of writing, editing, reviewing and proofreading,  my book “The Service Catalog” is now available from numerous on-line book stores (check out Amazon). Personally I feel a huge sense of achievement, professionally I feel satisfied that there is now a book that provides relevant, practical and genuine advice and guidance about service catalogs. I did celebrate receiving my fist copy with a bottle of champagne that I had put by when I first started writing the book. It was a long wait to open that bottle but worth it in the end!

I will be launching my book in Ireland at the AGM scheduled for May 27th

Additional details are available here:

All I need now is to prepare the presentation. Just when you think you are finished and the writing is all over …”

Mark O'Loughlin

Mark is a global authority in helping organisations achieve the very best from their investments in people, technology and digital services. He has served on the Board of Directors of itSMF Ireland and Cloud Credential Council. Mark is a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society, awarded for his achievements and contribution to the IT profession and industry. His prolific publishing includes two books published in four languages, 100’s of articles, and whitepapers. He developed the world’s first certification for the business management of cloud services accredited by Cloud Credential Council. As a member of the international standards group ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 38, Mark contributed to the development of global standards for IT, cloud and digital services.