We help you understand New Ways of Work, identify how Flexible is the New Agile and show you how to really make DevOps work in your organisation

The world is changing. Business models are changing. How we work is changing.

Models and methods of work carried over from previous industrial revolutions remain commonplace in many organisations. However, such approaches have fostered large bureaucratic practices, removed innovation and real-time decision making.

However, change is coming and will soon make the way we work almost unrecognisable to today’s business leaders and organisations. To succeed, they will need to discover new ways of organizing, performing, and leading, along with new approaches to recruiting, developing, and engaging employees.

New Ways Of Work are replacing the old ways which are no longer suitable for today’s requirements.

New Ways Of Work are transforming attitudes, behaviours and cultures.

New Ways Of Work should become your ways of work.

Our approach is to help you develop suitable structures for achieving New Ways of Work allowing your teams achieve more, think more and deliver better results.

Organisations are striving to increase performance, reduce bureaucracy and achieve greater agility. After an few attempts, and with external assistance, the Kanban boards are up. Coloured sticky notes are everywhere. Daily sprints are in place. However, something is still missing. Agility is missing.

This is very common. Trying to deliver agile as a project, or package of work has been shown to be ineffective. Worse still, many agile ‘implementations’ fail to implement lasting agile work practices and structures throughout the organisation.

At Red Circle Strategies we believe that becoming agile and having increased agility are not the goals which lead to success.

We help organisations become more Flexible. Yes, we call on approaches from agile, as well as other leading and proven methods, frameworks and models. Yes, we help make the work systems you have in place become more Flexible using our Flexible is the New Agile™ programme.

Organisations look to shift the focus from large project-based implementations to a product centric approach based on continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) supported by automation and toolsets. DevOps in conjunction with agile are seen as tools and models to help achieve this goal.

Typically we find that development teams can more easily adapt to a DevOps environment; with business and IT functions finding adoption harder. Development change their work practices in tandem with the implementation of software development toolchains and automated workflow. Business functions and the IT function have to change how they work in a more manual way. They have to adapt their processes and ways of work to support a DevOps environment. If not, DevOps operates in a development vacuum; defeating its very purpose.

We work with organisations to correct this. We help business and IT functions to adapt their ways of working to integrate, support and foster greater collaboration in a DevOps environment.

We do this in a non-invasive manner. We look for small, incremental changes to work practices to align to a DevOps environment. Small changes and improvements to work practices add up over time; seamlessly. We do this using our Making DevOps Work™ programmes.