Man holding up board speaking in front of camera

It takes a lot of time and expense to attend a conference or host a corporate event. However, so many conferences and events fail to provide engaging speakers, insightful content and an experience with a difference.

Due to the current travel restrictions and public health guidance the default will be to deliver speaking and workshop engagements virtually. In-person delivery will recommence when safe to do so.

Red Circle Strategies develops keynotes, conference sessions and everything in between in order to share our findings, analysis and insights with you, our staff and your customers. We ask the hard questions then seek out and provide you with the answers while delivering thought-provoking ideas.

We hold the attention of your audience. We engage the room (including the virtual room). We deliver advice, guidance and thought leadership. You provide your clients and staff with an engaging speaker, insightful content and an experience with a difference. It’s a win-win for all.

We love to get out and talk to organisations, communities and people. We also love to stay in and deliver remote speaking engagements virtually!

As an additional option, Red Circle Strategies delivers workshops (also virtual) as part of a speaking engagement. These workshops provide a practical and immersive experience for delegates and attendees. Ditch Death-by-PowerPoint. Add an event-based workshop.

Speaker Profile

Keynotes from Red Circle Strategies are delivered by our CEO Mark O’Loughlin.

Mark is a prolific speaker whose speaking engagements have taken him to three continents. His speaking typically includes keynotes and focused sessions at conferences and corporate events.

Mark presents insights to his audience on how to succeed with their digital initiatives and achieve the very best from their investments in people and technology.

Keynotes are thought-provoking, insightful and engaging – even when delivered virtually.