ReCREATE Your Cloud Capabilities Into A Cloud Centre of Excellence™

Man working on computer hardware

So many organisations who have adopted digital and cloud services have not adapted how they acquire, manage and improve their digital and cloud services.

Applying traditional IT and management frameworks, models and systems to digital and cloud services is highly ineffective, very bureaucratic and inhibits digital success.

This programme does exactly what is says –  ReCREATE Your Cloud Capabilities Into A Cloud Centre of Excellence™. Modify your organisations existing expertise, approaches and models to ensure digital and cloud services are designed, developed, managed and improved from a Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCOE) perspective. To be successful, the CCOE must involve functions from the entire organisation.

Really break down internal silos, improve collaboration and deliver value by adopting a CCOE approach to support your digital and cloud initiatives.

Digital is about acquiring the latest technology to achieve competitive advantage.