An innovative approach to the traditional, generic, and lengthy  assessment
models commonly used that take weeks to complete, are expensive and deliver little value.

Assessing the digital health of your organisation has to be pragmatic, relevant and quick.

DIGITALHEALTH  INDEX™ is meant to assess the digital capabilities of your organisation quickly, to be used immediately to make decisions, and then to make modifications rapidly to change the current condition.

It is similar to an annual medical review which uses Body Mass Index (BMI) as a leading indicator of overall health. With DIGITALHEALTH  INDEX™, the lower the score, the worse the digital health and well being is of your staff and your organisation.

Why does knowing the DIGITALHEALTH  INDEX™ of your organisation matter?

Digital transformation is a hot topic these days. Many organisations think they their digital initiatives and projects are going to be successful. The reality is most will not. Digital success factors are poorly defined, staff don’t know what digital is really is or how to actually succeed with their digital initiatives and projects.

Created by Red Circle Strategies, DIGITALHEALTH  INDEX™ is a leading indicator of the health, success and wellbeing of your digital projects, initiatives, and ambitions.

Work colleagues discussing projects in meeting

DIGITALHEALTH  INDEX™ uses specific instruments to assess, evaluate and score the digital health of your organisation.


  1. CloudCHALLANGE™ Examines basic understanding of what is cloud.
  2. DigitalCHALLANGE™ Examines basic understanding of what is digital.
  3. CloudQUICKVIEW™ Assesses 12 basic areas of competence.
  4. Digital Transformation 5 STAGE MODEL™ Assesses 5 stage digital transformation roadmap.

So ask yourself this question – What is the DIGITALHEALTH INDEX™ of your organisation and what does that mean to your competitive advantage, reputation and value from your digital investments.

Digital Health Index

A failed digital transformation doesn’t mean the eventual end of a company, but it can be extremely costly in lost money, resources, time, credibility … and competitive advantage. 

Digital is about acquiring the latest technology to achieve competitive advantage.