The Digital Mindset™

Many organisations are operating using models similar to those from the mid-twenty-century. Worse still, many seem to still employ models, practices and beliefs from previous industrial revolutions. Many more organisations don’t know what ‘being-digital’ really means yet claim to be on a digital journey, or ‘doing-digital’.  This is not demonstrating forward thinking by any means. Worse it’s a recipe for cost overruns, failures and disappointment.

Unique to Red Circle Strategies, The Digital Mindset™ approach quickly updates the organisations collective understanding of what ‘being-digital’ really means. Equip your teams with the digital knowledge which leads to digital success.

The Digital Mindset™ approach is based on three elements:

Awareness of the digital landscape today: Examining the impact digital and cloud services are having on traditional business models.

Understanding of the context of digital and cloud services: Answering the question ‘what is digital’ very succinctly, in a unified way the whole organisation will understand.

Creating a digital way of thinking within the organisation: Formulate strategies to quickly update and change the internal traditional organisational mindset into The Digital Mindset™ for the organisation.

Employee working on computer
Digital is about acquiring the latest technology to achieve competitive advantage.