The weather that is. A big thank you to all those who attended my session “It’s Getting Cloudy in IT Service Management” at ITSM 13 last Tuesday. It was standing room only for any late arrivals.

The session was well received and public consensus confirms that there is much needed guidance required to help organizations manage cloud service son top of their traditional IT services. More exciting news on this topic to follow shortly.

As a thank you to all who attended, there were vouchers for a free available on the afternoon courtesy of Van Haren Publishing.

Feedback from the session.

"I had the pleasure of chairing a session Mark ran at the itSMF UK conference.  Over the years I have seen many presentations purporting to demystify cloud operations, but Mark's was the first to really deliver.  

His explanations were clear, his examples were credible and his suggestions both practical and pragmatic.  He easily engaged the audience and although representing a company selling cloud solutions, he never came across as selling anything other than his obvious passion for the subject"

Martin Neville

Head of Service Management Integration

Jaguar Land Rover