This is a recent edition to my library. I am quite familiar with the subject of case management and happy to see it addressed in the following book by Rob England aka The IT Skeptic. So happy in-fact that I think it deserves the following review.

Standard + Case is available on Amazon here

This is a good book. It can be read easily and I know. I read it during an eight hour flight to the US and got it in one.

Many organisations get locked into the management and reporting of incidents, service requests and problems in certain ways described by industry practices. However, what is missing in 1) a realisation that there are many other facets of case management to manage and report 2) understanding of what true case management is all about, why it is necessary and the benefits that it provided.

Rob's book brings this thinking to the fore and outlines case management scenarios and the need for proper case management both within and external to the IT department.

As you read through Standard + Case you will relate to many situations where it can, and is, applied and the benefits derived from such an approach.

While not specific to IT, if you are an IT manager, CIO, Service Desk manager etc. etc. read this book and look to embed a Standard + Case approach into your IT organisation.

As an aside, not only did I get a great read and some good insight into case management during the flight I also learnt about making wax socks – only Rob knows what that means! Truly insightful and informative.

About the Author: Mark O'Loughlin