So day one of the Professional Cloud Service Manager course is drawing to a close. The silence is deafening as the delegates are taking a sample exam. Five minutes left and then freedom for then for the day.

The day started out questioning what cloud is and how best to describe it let alone define it. The day ended with a clear knowledge and understanding of what cloud is and how the world has been using cloud based technologies from the 1950s.

We also examined in-depth a number of critical roles related to cloud computing and took the cloud broker role to a whole new level. Coupled with a one hour workbook test, I would say the class will welcome the end of the day.

It’s onto strategy for cloud computing in the morning. Though instead of slideware it’s a hands on review of a real cloud strategy document which is very interesting and cements the importance of the learnings from day one.

About the Author: Mark O'Loughlin