I am glad I saw this article from the Wall Street Journal today. Really glad.


A New Language for Digital Transformation


We, Red Circle Strategies, have been saying this for years.


More importantly, we have also been educating and helping organisations on how to start their digital transformation initiatives with a common digital language in place and baked into strategy.


The article covers this challenge in good detail.


“Many organizations struggle to advance digital transformation, often pursuing a technology-first approach rather than leading with strategy. A common language that transcends technology could be the key to making transformations stick.”


“Leaders tasked with capturing greater strategic business value through digital transformation should establish a common language to break through both structural and human behavioural barriers that can stymie digital efforts.”


From our perspective this message was, and still, does not get through. It is being blocked by the pursuit of a technology/cloud/digital-first approach. Driving new technology for the sake of it. Driving digital for the sake of it.


I am not happy with the situation. I can see the problems organisations are facing from this. And they can become very expensive to resolve.


So what have we done to help?


Red Circle Strategies has designed a number of instruments to measure this exact problem, and others too.


One of the measurements exposes the lack of a common language. We explain in the report what this means – similar to this article. We also advise on how to address the issue. It is not really that hard – once you know the problem and the solution.


We call this DIGITALHEALTH  INDEX™ which is designed to measure basic problems like this and help organisations get technology/cloud/digital initiatives right – first time.


DIGITALHEALTH  INDEX™ uses specific instruments to assess, evaluate and score the digital health of the organisation.


  1. CloudCHALLANGE™ Examines basic understanding of what is cloud.
  2. DigitalCHALLANGE™ Examines basic understanding of what is digital.
  3. CloudQUICKVIEW™ Assesses 12 basic areas of competence.
  4. Digital Transformation 5 STAGE MODEL™ Assesses 5 stage digital transformation roadmap.


If this topic interest you, or if your organisation or customer is experiencing the problems laid out I the article, pop over to our website for more help. Let us know how things are going for you.


Find out what is the DIGITALHEALTH  INDEX™ of your organisation and what does that mean to your competitive advantage, reputation and value from your digital investments.

Mark O'Loughlin

Mark is a global authority in helping organisations achieve the very best from their investments in people, technology and digital services. He has served on the Board of Directors of itSMF Ireland and Cloud Credential Council. Mark is a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society, awarded for his achievements and contribution to the IT profession and industry. His prolific publishing includes two books published in four languages, 100’s of articles, and whitepapers. He developed the world’s first certification for the business management of cloud services accredited by Cloud Credential Council. As a member of the international standards group ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 38, Mark contributed to the development of global standards for IT, cloud and digital services.