Throughout September and early October find out 30 Reasons Why Cloud and Digital Transformations Fail

In over seven years of digital research, consulting and direct observation it remains clear that organisations continue to struggle with the adoption and use of cloud and digital services.

In this daily series, posted on LinkedIn, 30 reasons for you to consider via a simple statement.

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Mark O'Loughlin

Mark is a global authority in helping organisations achieve the very best from their investments in people, technology and digital services. He has served on the Board of Directors of itSMF Ireland and Cloud Credential Council. Mark is a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society, awarded for his achievements and contribution to the IT profession and industry. His prolific publishing includes two books published in four languages, 100’s of articles, and whitepapers. He developed the world’s first certification for the business management of cloud services accredited by Cloud Credential Council. As a member of the international standards group ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 38, Mark contributed to the development of global standards for IT, cloud and digital services.