Hey, Where has all the IT gone?

Just over a week ago I had the pleasure to talk and mingle with the attendees at the itSMF Ireland 2019 conference. As a former Director of itSMF Ireland, it was great to see the chapter go from strength to strength, and to see how well their association with the Irish Computer Society has worked out.

The presentation session I gave is titled ‘Hey, Where has all the IT gone?’.


The session looks at the impact of disruptive technologies on individual IT professionals and the organisation. I am a firm believer that to know the future, we must revisit the past.

itSMF Ireland conference

So, in this session stories, and references from the past are used to make what is happening in the workforce today relevant. It makes the audience reflect on themselves and how they do need to adapt to the changes around them – changes in business models; changes in work practices; changes driven by technology; changes driven by necessity.

Global Digital Skills Survey

For this session, I also  introduced new findings – taken from the just released CCC Global Digital Skills Survey. What I covered for the audience included views from the perspectives of Culture, Individual and the Organization. Very insightful indeed. Very practical and especially relevant.

Also highlighted were the three critical findings. Well two were highlighted with the third half mentioned and the audience asked to download the report to get the full details.

Critical Findings

A critical finding from the CCC report is that; Organizations require staff to have the ability to acquire skills quickly as opposed to having skills.

This critical finding represents a significant change in the workplace; and has a significant impact on certain cohorts of workers. I my global role as Managing Director of the Cloud Credential Council, I am also hearing this in the many conversations I have with individuals and organisations. The question is; Are people aware of this and ready, or even capable, of acquiring new skills for the digital age?

Overall, this is not merely a presentation. The session is designed to challenge the audience; to have the audience think and reflect on how ready they actually are to deal with and adapt to all of the changes happening in technology and the workplace. To reflect on the impact this has on them – and the requirement for a global workforce to upskill for the digital age.


Feedback received from attendees on the day include ‘inspirational’    ‘ relevant’     ‘on-the-money’    ‘engaging’   ‘thought-provoking’    

Inspirational | Relevant | Engaging

On-The-Money | Thought Provoking

I am happy to hear this, as this is what the session is designed to achieve.

RU Digital Ready?

I opened the session asking –  RU Digital Ready?

I challenged everyone’s perception of their readiness throughout the session.

I closed the session asking –  RU Digital Ready?    – this leads to personal reflection time.

Challenging stuff needed in challenging times.

Download the CCC Global Digital Skills Survey and find out more. Share the insights with your colleagues and clients.

Have you thought how this session might resonate within your organisation and equally for your clients?

About the Author: Mark O'Loughlin