It is great to be able to finally share the following news. A new digital leadership report is now available. And we played out part in contributing to this valuable resource.

Just released today! I am delighted to feature in Cloud Leadership, The Definitive Guide from Solutionize Global.

Cloud Leadership, The Definitive Guide

This new report is a comprehensive look at what impact technology is having on the workplace of now. Over 40 contributors shares our insights, views and experiences around being a successful leader in the digital age.

The Cloud Leadership, Definitive Guide also provides a deep dive into all aspects of success in a digital first business.

As Managing Director of the Cloud Crdential Council (CCC), it was a privledge to be asked to contribute both an article and some of the findings from our CCC Global Digital Skills Survey 2019.

Here is a brief snippet from the guide – a taste of what you can expect.

Preliminary results from the CCC Global Digital Skills survey show that 56% of respondents believe that the work they carry out today will change significantly during their career, due to the impact of digital.

However, 34% of respondents will adopt a ‘wait and see’ strategy. This suggests that about one-third of IT professionals will take a reactive approach to upskilling in order to remain relevant in today’s ever-changing landscape.

We strongly advocate that taking a reactive approach is the opposite of what IT professionals and leaders should do.

Mark O’Loughlin. Contributor to Cloud Leadership, Definitive Guide. MD Red Circle Strategies and CCC

Download a copy of this free report to find out more.

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