Organisations are continuing to move more and more of their IT services into the cloud, shifting various elements of their back-end IT infrastructure, systems, applications and IT services.

In simplistic terms, cloud computing and cloud-based services are just another form of outsourcing with a shift in the current IT supply chain model.

With the increase in outsourcing to the cloud, is it likely that organisations will wake up one day and ask the question – Hey, Where Has All Our IT Gone? … and what does that mean for IT professionals?

Join us for an informative session where this question will be addressed. Mark will explore the disruptive nature of cloud computing and outline what this means for those involved in running IT services today.

Mark will also provide three critical findings and insights from the 2019 Digital Skills Survey from the Cloud Credential Council (CCC) which is being released in September 2019.

In addition, at the end of the session, delegates will be shown how to access a free, simple and effective readiness assessment from the CCC in conjunction with the Innovation Value Institute (IVI).

See you there.

Mark O’Loughlin
Managing Director & Owner,
Red Circle Strategies

A recognised thought leader in IT service management, cloud computing and digital, Mark is a published author, educator, speaker, consultant, managing director and owner of consulting firm Red Circle Strategies.

Mark is also Managing Director of the Cloud Credential Council (CCC) which is enabling digital ready professionals and organisations by providing vendor-neutral certification for IT professionals including Cloud, Big Data, and IoT.

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