It’s a fantastic day here at the Dublin Tech Summit. The Cloud Credential Council is working from, attending, and moderating a number of events at the Dublin Tech Summit.

Personally, I have the privilege of moderating a panel discussion on the topic of “Productivity and Pragmatic Problem-Solving. Harnessing the Potential of DevOps”.

The panel included the following industry leaders Jody Bailey Ashley Miller Stella Fau Clarke Mark Kellett

In a twenty-minute session, the panel outlined what DevOps means to their organisations, how DevOps is helping to drive their businesses and their customers business and what challenges organisations can face.

The panel ended the session with some great recommendations including culture change is required, use tools but empower people to change, understand what your customers needs (not what you can deliver).

The feedback from attendees was that the panel discussions were very insightful and informative.

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