On a recent CCC Talks, I took an in-depth look at blockchain. I have heard John deVadoss talking about the inbuilt-economic model within blockchain – and was instantly intrigued. What is this, what does it do and why does it matter? So I asked john to join us and explain all.

John deVadoss is President and Head of Development of Neo Blockchain, Partner at Outliers Fund and Board Member for InterWork Alliance, helps us gain some clarity on this topic. John was also instrumental in the early development of Microsoft Azure.

John explores the following interesting areas:

  • The economic model ‘baked’ into blockchain
  • How blockchain helps address governance issues
  • Can economic incentives built in blockchain make a difference?
  • What are crypto economic protocols and how do they relate to blockchain?
  • How does a coffee company using blockchain gain competitive advantage?

Hear invaluable industry insights from Blockchain expert John deVadoss who talks about The Economic Model Within Blockchain. Did you know such a thing existed?

As John says “We have economic incentives baked into the (blockchain) platform. No other platform in history has economic incentives baked in like this.”

Follow this link to hear the full CCCTalks episode


About the Author: Mark O'Loughlin