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‘I love this book. Anyone who is working in (or about to work in) the area of service portfolio management and service catalogue management should have this book on their desk. This is one of those books that you will see dog-eared, well worn and notated throughout by the owner’.
Karen Ferris. itSMF Australia Board Member.


‘Mark – congratulations on the book. I scanned it, and I must say I was surprised because usually service catalog discussions are almost worthless. It looks to me like you have “hit the ball out of the park”. The content looks fantastic. I will be ordering a copy’.

Bill Powell. Service Management Executive Zenetex


‘This is a good book. Take the time to understand the issues and if you decide to start collecting for your catalog you will have a better chance of doing it well’.

Brian Johnson. Hon. Lifetime vice president itSMF & ITIL Author.


‘ITSM Practitioners and Program Sponsors alike must add this practical, highly instructional book to their ITSM toolkit, especially for succeeding with the cornerstone of business to IT alignment – the Service Catalog’.

Steve Loftness. Sundoya, Inc.


‘This book jump-starts and clarifies the way to go for your Service Catalog initiatives, focusing on the right place to start: the Customer’.

Rui Soares. GFI Portugal, itSMF Portugal


‘The Service Catalog was the most popular topic of presentations in ITSM in 2009, and 2010 promises to be no different. This publication fills a niche in the market, by providing real detail on service catalogues, their design, their use, and their benefits’.

Kevin Holland. UK Public Sector National Competency Lead for Service Management


‘At last a practical, independent, hands on guide to design, develop, maintain an almost universal Service Catalog!’

Herve Meslin. ICT Services Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Australia


‘Service Management starts with IT Services and the definition of IT Services starts with the Service Catalog. With this in mind, this book has been a long time coming. It fills a large hole in the Service Management toolset, giving for the first time details regarding the IT Service Catalog and how we construct it. It details not only the technical but also business service catalogs, it explains the differences and why we need them both. The layout is clear and it finishes with a view to what all businesses should be looking towards; the truly actionable IT Service Catalog’.

Gareth Johnston. ParryMcGill LLC


‘Solid practical advice on implementing a service catalog in the enterprise. The book has the practical examples, diagrams and other visualizations which makes going from ITIL theory to practice easier to understand. You should skip the book “Servicing ITIL” by Steinberg and grab this book and the “Defining IT Success through the Service Catalog” by DuMoulin, Flores and Fine. Well worth the investment’. 

Amazon Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars



About the Author: Mark O'Loughlin