We help organisations succeed with their goals and ambitions by developing and promoting new global ideas, fresh thinking and practical answers through keynote speaking, publishing and writing commissions

It takes a lot of time and expense to attend a conference or event. However, so many conferences and events fail to provide engaging speakers, insightful content and an experience with a difference.

Red Circle Strategies develops keynotes, conference sessions and everything in between in order to share our findings, analysis and insights with you and your customers. We ask the hard questions then seek out and provide you with the answers while delivering thought-provoking ideas.

We hold the attention of your audience. We engage the room. We deliver advice, guidance and thought leadership. You provide your clients and staff with an engaging speaker, insightful content and an experience with a difference. It’s a win-win for all.

We love to get out and talk to organisations, communities and people.

As an additional option, Red Circle Strategies also deliver workshops as part of a speaking engagement. These workshops provide a practical and immersive experience for delegates and attendees. Ditch Death-by-PowerPoint. Add an event-based workshop.

We have a passion for writing and believe that the pen is mightier than the sword.

Mark O’Loughlin, owner of Red Circle Strategies, is a published author of two books and has been translated in four languages. Mark has also written hundreds of articles, dozens of whitepapers and numerous industry reports.

The Service Catalog. A Practitioner Guide

Professional Cloud Service Manager

It is getting harder for organisations to communicate with their clients in an engaging and non-sales like manner. Far too often attempts to communicate with clients come across as a hard sell, not authentic and poorly researched. Social media posts are merely a poor attempt at broadcasting a generic sales message with no specific value to the end-client.

Time, money and energy are wasted. Opportunities are lost. Customers become dis-engaged.

Continuing our passion for writing, Red Circle Strategies develops articles, content, whitepapers, reports and thought leadership papers for organisations.

Our approach is to simplify the entire process of content creation for you. We remove the complexity, you receive quality.

We combine our experience. knowledge and global network to produce exciting, new and informative ideas and content; made available through whitepapers, reports and commissioned papers. Some of these we produce and market as Red Circle Strategies. Other commissions are produced and marketed under the clients branding and marketing preferences.

We create quality and engaging content which provides you the opportunity to continually engage with your clients regarding the latest innovations, trends and advice.