At Red Circle Strategies, we do a lot of different things all the time to push, challenge and develop people, ideas and new thinking – well isn’t that what thought leadership is really all about?

New Mindset — New Results — That’s what we deal in at Red Circle Strategies.

We do this in order to push the boundaries of innovation. That’s just how we roll. And we like how we roll around these parts!

We help organisations dream more, deliver more, collaborate more and achieve more.

We do this by leading by example, developing new ideas and just trying things out.

Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we learn from the experience. That’s life. Either way, you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. So let’s break some eggs, let’s make some omelettes and let’s make a cracking great breakfast! … but Batman and Joker, you’re not invited … we hear you don’t do the washing up!

Mark O’Loughlin. Red Circle Strategies. – yeah who else would say something like that!

Senior Leader

Representing your brand as a Thought Leader, Senior Executive, Evangelist and Trusted Advisor.

Yes – we have done this before. See for yourself.
Managing Director of Cloud Credential Council
Director of itSMF Ireland
Head of Consulting and Advisory
oh and Owner and Managing Director of Red Circle Strategies (of course)


Our leader, Mark, loves to write. Always. Maybe it’s a gift. Maybe it’s a curse. But he writes, and writes and writes as if it’s going out of fashion.

So, we thought we would give him a little latitude to showcase what he has done…but just the big stuff. We don’t want him thinking he is Man Booker Prize material.

Mark wrote The Service Catalog because there was nothing quite like it at the time (and still to this day). Guidance, explanations, real world examples all included. Oh! … and the famous Service Catalogue Pyramid. And the Japanese translation.

Mark also wrote the Professional Cloud Service Manager, course and exam because there was nothing quite like it at the time (and still to this day). We sense a common theme here.

Where knowledge gaps exist, Red Circle Strategies and Mark will be there to rectify.

All you need to know about managing hybrid cloud for business professionals, IT professional and … well most folk who need a basic primer on what cloud is all about.

Focuses on the business end of cloud. We leave the tech stuff to the techies. They tech the best!

BTW – did we tell you. As well as being the author, Mark is the Global Master Trainer for PCSM for the Cloud Credential Council. Wouldn’t you want to be in one of his classes.

Find out more here.


Some-days we can’t shut him up. Other-days nuttin’ to say. We just don’t get it! BUT … our fearless leader can be found on a stage near you yappin’ about all the things relevant to you, your organisation and your worst nightmares.

Of course Mark is there to ask the hard questions, provide you answers and deliver thought-provoking ideas. And if needed, a hug, a cup of coffee and a proposal to end all your ills.

Have a look at some of some of the sessions we have YAPPED at!

Oracle UK & Ireland Keynote Digital Disruption – What That Means to You
itSMF UK Conference Digital Disruption with Modern IT!
Fusion18 itSMF USA ITSM and Cloud. What You Need to Know
Cloud Week Japan EXIN JP Digital Disruption with Modern IT!
Dublin Tech Summit Facilitated two panel discussions on Cloud and DevOps
Cloud Credential Council ITSM, DevOps, Lean IT, Cloud–Better Together?
Service Management Day 2017 Holland Digital Disruption with Modern IT!
AXELOS The Future of IT Service Management and Cloud Computing
Westergaard Denmark Keynote Hey, Where Has All Out IT Gone?
AXELOS IT Service Management and Cloud Computing
Tech Talk Cloud Computing A Brief History in Time
itSMF UK Cloud Service Management A New Beginning. What You Need to Know
BrightTalk IT Service Management Meets Cloud Computing
Cloud Credential Council Service Management for Cloud Computing
Westergaard Denmark Service Catalogue Explained
itSMF Canada It’s Getting Cloudy in IT Service Management
itSMF UK It’s Getting Cloudy in IT Service Management
itSMF Ireland It’s Getting Cloudy in IT Service Management
Dutch Tax Authority It’s Getting Cloudy in IT Service Management
itSMF Ireland The Service Catalogue
itSMF Holland Understanding the Service Catalogue
itSMF Ireland Book Launch & Presentation The Service Catalogue
itSMF Holland Understanding Services & Exploring the Service

White Papers, Reports & Commissioned Writings

Seriously, we do whitepapers too … and reports … and commissions. I tell you, this company has too much time on it’s hands. It seems that when we are not busy with all the other stuff – we want to write white papers, reports and commissions as if they are going out of fashion.

But you know what? We hear from our friends (who are our clients too) that we are good at this stuff, know their market, and can do prose like it’s 1999!

And to prove it, here are good examples of our recent work.

AXELOS ITIL4® and the Cloud
AXELOS IT Service Management for Cloud
AXELOS The IT Profession and the Cloud. Are Technical Competencies on Their Way Out?
itSMF UK-ServiceTALK Are you Cloud Ready?
itSMF UK-ServiceTALK Five Steps to an Effective Service Catalogue
itSMF UK-ServiceTALK Having Services to Hand
itSMF UK-ServiceTALK Service Catalogues. How to be Successful
itSMF UK-ServiceTALK Relationships That Work
itSMF Canada-Service Matters 5 Steps to an Effective Service Catalogue
TechPro IT Governance and Control
TechPro Clear and Present Governance & Agile Project Management
TechPro Standards & Frameworks in IT
TechPro ITIL for the Information Age
TechPro ITIL Service Support & Management: The 11 Disciplines