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Digital Strategy

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Digital Strategy

Digital is not about acquiring the latest technology to achieve competitive advantage. Focusing on technology alone will not deliver digital success, digital innovation, or digital value – it will only deliver new technology, not business results.

Many organisations are undertaking Digital Transformation projects. Most don’t know what digital transformation actually means.

Digital is about reimagining, reinventing and repurposing your business model, supported by the latest technologies and IT.

Why? Because your competitors are able to deliver the same, or improved, business process which you provide, only quicker, cheaper and better. They tend not to have legacy processes, costs or IT technologies. They see how to create and exploit a business process or opportunity differently, providing them with a competitive advantage and the opportunity to take market share.

To get digital right, we take the confusion away focusing you on taking the right digital approach, for the right reason to achieve the right results.

Common digital strategies include:

Transition to new digital technologies and ways of working

Operate digital technologies and new work models

Transform the organisation by reimagining, reinventing and repurposing your business model, supported by the latest technologies and IT.

Digital Culture & Capabilities

Adopting digital technologies does not translate directly to improved business results. People, processes and practices all need to adapt to new ways of work in order to deliver lasting business value supported by digital technologies. Only then will a digital culture emerge.

We will work with you to develop new ways of work and new practices.

We will help you embed the necessary changes to operate as a digital business.

We will support you through the transition and transformation stages.

Many organisations on their digital journeys have yet to assess or identify their actual capabilities in achieving their digital strategy and objectives. Have the right strategies been identified? What new skills are required? How will agility be measured to know if improvements have been made?

We examine your digital capabilities and in a very practical and useful way. Areas examined include: digital strategy, organisational readiness, impact of change on the organisation and staff.

We help you to continue your digital journey.

Digital Research

Knowledge is everything. Especially in a rapidly changing world. Digital technologies and new ways of work are changing at a very fast rate. Due to day-to-day pressures and requirements it can be hard to keep up with the latest changes, developments and advancements.  

Red Circle Strategies continues to research changes and advancements in IT, digital and organisational change.

We relate the latest insights and advancements to your situation, your organisation and your strategic plans. We leave generic research to others.