We help you learn the basics with BootCAMP101, provide a more in-depth experience with Advanced MasterCLASS and a tailored learning experience with Red Circle Bespoke

One day, intensive learning.

Learn the basics that matter. No more, no less.

What is BootCamp 101™?

Bootcamp 101® is unique to Red Circle Strategies.

Bootcamp 101® is designed to provide a significant amount of learning, in such a short space of time.

Bootcamp 101® is serious about quickly upskilling professionals on the areas they should know, but mostly don’t.

Bootcamp 101® is about learning in a day.  A single day!

A more in-depth experience than a BootCamp.

Deeper dive, deeper insights, deeper learnings.

Advanced MasterClass by name. Advanced MasterClass by nature.

Red Circle Strategies Advanced Masterclass™ provide more information. More education. More insights. More knowledge. More practical examples. 

Basics are covered and then some. No stone left unturned.

General Format

The structure of our Advanced MasterClass™ follows a practical format. Typically they:

Are longer than a BootCamp 101™.

Provide more information and knowledge.

Take a deeper dive into the topic.

Use practical examples and case studies.

Involve user participation, thinking and engagement.

May involve activities to be carried out back at work

Does not have an exam (phew!)

Tailored to your specific requirements.

Custom built; custom delivered.

Integrated with workshops, activities and wider programmes.