We help you create the right IT strategy, define your transformation journey and use digital capabilities to reimage, reinvent and repurpose your business model

We see it all the time. Strategies which fail to deliver results and expected outcomes. Why? There are many reasons. Strategies ‘cut and pasted’ from other sources, strategies which are generic, and strategies aligned to the latest fads and trends.

Red Circle Strategies works with you to re-develop the right strategy, for the right reason to achieve the right results. We do this using our 3R Model™.

We listen, we think, we strategise; with you.

We make sure that technology is considered in how it enables an organisation achieve objectives and outcomes, We refocus strategies which lead with technology adoption and digital transformation as opposed to technology adoption being the strategic approach.  

Develop the right strategy, for the right reason, to achieve the right result.

The world of work is changing at a faster rate than at any time in history. The 4th industrial revolution is driven by software, innovative technology and changing business models.

We transform and transition legacy work practices into new ways of working, with a focus on agility, responsiveness and empowering staff to achieve the right results.

Our approach is to develop a suitable operating model for your teams allowing them to achieve more, think more and deliver better results.

Digital is not about acquiring the latest technology to achieve competitive advantage. Focusing on technology alone will not deliver digital success, digital innovation, or digital value – it will only deliver new technology, not business results.

Many organisations are undertaking Digital Transformation projects. Most don’t know what digital transformation actually is.

Digital is about reimagining, reinventing and repurposing your business model, supported by the latest technologies and IT.

Why? Because your competitors are able to deliver the same, or improved, business process which you provide, only quicker, cheaper and better. They tend not to have legacy processes, costs or IT technologies. They see how to create and exploit a business process or opportunity  differently, providing them with a competitive advantage and the opportunity to take market share.

To get digital right, we take the confusion away. We get you focused on taking the right digital approach, for the right reason to achieve the right results.

Common digital strategies we help you with include:

Transition to new digital technologies and ways of working

Optimise ways of working supported by the latest in digital technologies and new work models

Transform the organisation by re imagining, reinventing and re-purposing your business model, supported by the latest technologies and IT.