Webinar – ITIL4 and the Cloud… starting at 3.00pm CET

Join myself and Marcel Foederer today at 3.00pm CET, Thursday, 4 April where we will look at what’s new in ITIL 4 and overlay that with guidance from our recent whitepaper ITIL4 for the Cloud – written for AXELOS.

There is still time to register for our ITIL® 4 and the Cloud Webinar with Mark O’Loughlin MBA, Fellow ICS and Marcel Foederer in which we take a closer look at how new structures in ITIL 4 relate to using cloud services.

Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology

Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology.

It’s Friday. So just a short note.

Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology. That’s the message. Not clear? Need to know more?

Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology. Yes, it requires the adoption and use of the latest in technologies. Yes, the technology is important. However, digital transformation is more about how the business model will change by using, and supported by, all this new technology.

How many people are thinking like this? Are YOU?


BTW – we have had a recent makeover. Did you notice? We are well past MVP point but we are still tweaking and updating in live. Afterall, this is the message we teach to our clients – it only makes sense we follow our own advice!

Talk again soon.  

RU Digital Ready?

Today, technology training is still very important, as digital technologies continue to change and evolve.

What is less recognised is; upskilling IT professionals to deliver value form digital technologies is a necessity yet remains a significant gap and often overlooked.

Focusing on the technology alone will not deliver digital success, digital innovation or digital value.

It will only deliver new technology.

So, ask yourself one simple question.

RU Digital Ready? … in the context of delivering digital value.

It’s an experiment. A global one (hopefully). And it has meaning.

It’s an experiment. A global one (hopefully). And it has meaning.      #Cloud #Digital #Ready #Digitaltransformation

Over the coming days, I am reaching out to my entire global network via many channels – email, social, phone (old tech I know), conversation, word-of-mouth etc… – you get the picture.

I would like to know the answer to one simple question. It’s not a trick question. It’s not a gimmick. It’s not a marketing ploy. We don’t do those.

I ask you to let me know. Either respond to this post in a comment or contact me via email, phone, social etc. but please let me know.

Also, please share this question with your network. I am genuinely looking for genuine answers… no strings attached. So, I will keep the question simple – let’s see what comes back!

Do you believe that you are ready, enabled and educated enough to deal with this new digital world and the effects of digital transformation?